Queen Victoria, Oceana (II) & Boudicca
Three ships on the 2nd January 2014 and my first stalking of the year - Boudicca, Oceana and Vicky.  The weather for the past two weeks had been vile, wet and often windy with gales but today it was dry, calm and sunny for once!  Vicky had arrived first followed by Oceana after 8am.  Boudicca made up the trio, coming for 10am.  We didn't wait to see her dock so went home.
Boudicca wasn't sailing until 9pm but we went down for the other two.  Due to Oceana's late arrival, she was leaving at 5pm with Vicky heading off on her world cruise an hour later.  Bouddy was originally scheduled for 9pm but it was brought forward two hours so we decided to wait.  Oceana left half an hour late, living up to the Jinxy nickname I gave her when she brought rain in 2006, by giving us a downpour as she moved.  Grrr!  A few fairweathers were down, one lot having checked Seascanner which had Vicky having sailed at 5pm.  They buggered off home until it was time to return for the Cunarder to actually move.  Other fairweathers just wanted the fireworks and were more than happy to get in our way as we photographed and videoed (even just standing there when they saw what we were doing) but didn't like it when I went in front of them recording it only.  Tossers!  Even though Oceana was only going to the Caribbean on a roundtrip, she got fireworks!  Then said annoying couple moved to our right while the missus said to her husband they change barges for Vicky's whiz-bangs.  They had a scanner so how the hell are they totally thick unless it was a Christmas pressie from a ship nut rellie.  Vicky blasted off pretty soon after Oceana's fireworks finished and again, those other people were just interested in the coloured lights in the sky and pissed off as soon as they stopped, as did the other few down there leaving just me and my dad waiting for Bouddy and waiting and waiting!  VTS had her sailed at 6.56pm but she was large as life and twice as pretty still alongside City Terminal.  FINALLY around 7.25pm she was silently moving - yay!!!!  I had told my dad we'd give her until half past then go so she must have heard.  No send off for her but she was doing a normal cruise.  Then we went home to warm up as the wind whipped up, making it bitterly cold.

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© Patricia Dempsey 2nd January 2014
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