Queen Elizabeth (II), Aurora & Balmoral
Our final stalking of the year on the 19th December 2014 when Aurora would sail on the first cruise since refit.  Betty and Balmoral were also in and all scheduled to sail at 4.30pm.  Well as usual things didn't go to plan.  Aurora was brought forward to 4pm while Balmoral was delayed until 8pm due to a problem with a crane so boarding was late.  Aurora began muster around 4pm which wasn't a help, resulting in her departure eventually being changed to 5pm.  Betty quietly slipped out before her mast lights were on.  Balmoral's muster was around 5pm while Aurora was copying Oriana the day before by just sitting there.  She finally left at 5.20pm and by then, Barbara the dog was completely disinterested.  We went home after that.  Balmoral sailed just before 8pm so I got her from the window.
To see the photos of Aurora sailing to refit, click here or her returning in her new livery, click here.

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© Patricia Dempsey 19th December 2014
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