Balmoral & Queen Victoria
A cold 7th December 2014 with Balmoral and Vicky in.  Balmoral was scheduled to sail at 12.30pm to Hamburg for refit while Vicky was due to go at the usual time of 4.30pm for her cruise.  We wrapped up warm and took Barbara the dog for her first stalking since being diagnosed with diabetes, and she wasn't the slightest bit interested.  Just wanted to keep going.  It was pretty windy despite the sun, making it feel colder.  Balmoral was half an hour late as she left with the help of Phenix.  We took Barbara back out later for Vicky's departure.  The wind had dropped but it was still flipping cold so at least she went almost on time, blasting several times to let everyone know she was moving.

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© Patricia Dempsey 7th December 2014
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