Black Watch (III), Queen Elizabeth (II) & Seven Seas Voyager
Three ships on the 2nd June 2014 and odd timings.  Black Watch was the first, which was repositioning to Dover.  She'd arrived for 5am and sailed from City at 8.30am so we headed down to watch only she was late - the cow! - finally shifting at 9.15am  I was unable to stay as I had a doctor's appointment but caught her just passing when I got back to drop my camera off.
Betty had left Hamburg after refit and for some reason would be in Bravo Anchorage from about 12.30pm until 6.15pm rather than berth in the vacant QEII.  They could have even put Black Watch into that one, Voyager in City then Mayflower would have been free.  Unusually, Voyager was scheduled to leave at 5pm instead of 6pm while Betty was going to up anchor at 6.15pm.  Since all the action would be in open sea, we went to Calshot.  It was a little busy as the box boats gave us a preview of the cruise ship action later.  Hyundai Together was outbound and passed Frankfurt Express inbound.  As usual with ships, nothing went to plan!  They're as unpredictable as the flipping British weather.  Finally, twenty-two minutes late, Voyager moved but had to time waste turning and an hour later, Betty moved from anchorage.  I'd been on my feet most of the day since 8am and they'd had enough so Ian drove us home after Betty was round the Brambles and I got her passing the house some time later.

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© Patricia Dempsey 2nd June 2014
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