Azamara Journey & Queen Mary 2
Early start on the 20th August as Azamara Journey was making a call with her new livery.  She had last visited in 2012 in her old one.  As she was due for 6.15am, she went from following Mary, who was scheduled to dock at 6am, to leading the way after passing at Fawley.  Me and my dad were with a new stalker in the shape of my dog Barbara.  Since Louise, our other one, died on the 1st August, we couldn't leave her behind because of her separation anxiety, especially now she was almost recovered from surgery she'd had the day Louise died.  She had itchy feet and didn't want to stop so would make a rubbish ship stalker!  Once Mary was past, Barbara dragged us home.

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© Patricia Dempsey 20th August 2014
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