Oceana (II), Queen Victoria & Aurora
A wet 17th December 2014 as we went down for Vicky and Oceana sailing and Aurora returning with her new P&O colours.  Her arrival had been scheduled for 5pm then 7pm, 7.15pm and finally 7.30pm, so it meant two trips out.  So first, in the rain (which isn't a shock with Oceana about - I haven't called her Jinxy since April 2006 for nothing!), it was the other two, both due to sail at 4.30pm.  Oregon Highway decided to vacate berth 40 but Euphrates Highway continued blocking the view of Jinxy.  Vicky did muster just before 4pm so you knew she wouldn't be leaving on time.  I had a stinking cold which resulted in spending my birthday in bed to shift it but it lingered so hoped the rain would stop then I wouldn't get worse.  No such luck!  Oceana left first and, as a result of trying to keep dry, several photos came out crooked, which I've left as they are.  Vicky went astern with the aide of Surrey on her bow.
Quick trip home for a change into some drier clothes, Sudafed for my blocked sinus thanks to the weather and collecting Barbara the dog then it was back out again.  Thankfully Aurora was in view as we arrived back down while Barb decided where we'd all sit.  The rain was holding off - hooray!  We were the only ones there for her return.  It was a shame it hadn't been in daylight like 2009.  Vicky could have gone into City like she has in the past.  Oh well, she was noisy anyway with her music, including Nessun Dorma, an horn, so she was making sure everyone knew the Aurora was BACK baby!
As it had started raining again, we didn't wait for her to dock.  To see the photos of Aurora sailing to refit, click here.

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© Patricia Dempsey 17th December 2014
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