Adonia (II), Oriana (II) & Aurora
Three P&Os in on the 13th June 2014, which was almost 26 years to the day since I was there for Canberra (18th June 1988).  Adonia was in City, Oriana in Ocean and Aurora up the end in Mayflower.  As Adonia would be going via the Needles, we decided to head to Calshot since it was yet another nice day.  Could we be getting summer this year????  Adonia was due to sail 4pm, Oriana half an hour later and Aurora 6pm.  Adonia left forty seven minutes late while Oriana had been changed to 5.15pm - what????!!!!  I do wish they'd change before we leave home.  Thank goodness it was a nice day, though a bit of rain would have made the barbecue polluters piss off fast!  They wouldn't have been so bad if it hadn't been burning over an hour before they bloody used it.  Adonia was heading to Galway via the Needles while Oriana, once she left at 5.39pm, was going the normal Nab, despite arriving through the Needles.  Unfortunately, our last sight was as she was near Lepe.  Meanwhile Aurora was twelve minutes late but made good time surprisingly.  Thank goodness we had a transport.  Bloody ships!  Remind me again why I love them???
To see the photos of Canberra at Calshot in 1988, click here while Adonia returning are here.

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