AIDAstella & Explorer
The 21st August 2014 was the second day running it was a crack of yawn start for arrivals and another day new stalker, Barbara the dog, would be along with us.  She was doing well for her age but wouldn't give in to her tiredness until she'd dragged us back home.  She also took it in her stride this time.  It was a slightly later start so the sun was definitely up.  AIDAstella was due to arrive for 7am on her call, while the cutie Explorer was half an hour later, ending another semester for her students.  While the AIDA was slightly early, arriving at sunrise, Explorer was closer to her original scheduled time of 8am.  RFA Lyme Bay headed out as the AIDA was coming in and Barbara watched the AIDA pass before deciding to go back to sleep.

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© Patricia Dempsey 21st August 2014
Not to be reproduced without permission