THV Patricia, Celebrity Eclipse, Queen Mary 2 & Queen Victoria
I returned from my Mary cruise with my friend, Rob Ellerington Parr, on the 20th July 2013 and was up at 4am, seeing the pilot boat from our balcony and Vicky was in sight, which the pilot boat went to after a pilot boarded the container ship, Rio Madeira, who she followed in.  Eclipse would be somewhere up Southampton Water.  I knew the cutie Trinity House vessel, Patricia, had been in Southampton on the 19th but would be sailing later that day.  I was thrilled to learn she was only heading to the Cowes Triangle so she could replace the Bramble Bank Buoy.
We just made Town Quay for the 9pm ferry only there was no sign of it.  According to Andy, who was working there, it broke and they were close to putting Hotspur on.  Rob had a very long shippy conversation with him as we waited and Andy told us about how great Regent Seven Seas was.  There were only three of us as passengers going over, which was nice.  The stupid Red Jet was running a bit late, passing us off Dock Head still at a fair speed and created such a large wash I was thrown forward onto the seat, landing on the Fortnum & Mason biscuits I'd bought on Mary with the rest of my onboard credit.  I ended up with two huge bruises but the tins protected the food!
The review of my Mary cruise is here.

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