Silver Whisper & Seven Seas Voyager
Silver Whisper arrived in Southampton just under twelve hours early on the 11th September 2013 after the call to Ostende was cancelled due to bad weather.  As I hadn't planned to go down, I caught her arriving from the window.
Because Silver Whisper was now port in Mayflower instead of starboard on the 12th, I decided to go down for the sailing.  She and Seven Seas Voyager would both be going at their usual 6pm and had to hope she would turn on the spot rather than drag everything out by going to the Upper Swinging Ground.  There was an annoying family of six who decided to have a picnic on the bench next to us no sooner than we'd sat down, the mother of which was looking for a rat on the rocks, carrying her chips and being almost dive bombed by seagulls.  The numerous seagulls they were teasing forced us to move to another seat further along.  Silver Whisper silently moved off just over ten minutes early and once she passed, Voyager, she too began to move, giving several blasts after straightening.

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© Patricia Dempsey 11th & 12th September 2013
Not to be reproduced without permission