Saga Sapphire
I had been invited to visit Saga Sapphire on the 25th February 2013, so crossed on the ferry.  They had just changed over to Hotspur so I stayed outside, despite the freezing cold.  Then I made my way to the terminal via an almost empty Mayflower Park.  As I waited in the terminal for Aimee and Carl from Saga to arrive, the author, Bill Miller, arrived ready to check in.  I had seen him briefly in passing during the QM2 crossing in January so it was nice to have a brief chat.
Afterwards, I met my dad at Town Quay and we caught the 3.45pm Red Jet over to Cowes where we were met by my friend Fay.  She decided we'd stay in West Cowes and wait for Sapphy rather than go to the Esplanade in East Cowes.  Visibility had become really crap and it was still bitterly cold in the wind but at least we had a nice car to keep warm in, unlike usually this side when we're at the mercy of the elements.  Sapphy typically left late, around 4.30pm so that would be the 5.45pm Red Jet back we'd miss then!  I just lined up a dead on as she went around the Brambles when the wind knocked my hand, pushing the image to the side - grrrr!
Fay dropped us back at the Ret Jet terminal where we caught the 6.15pm, then more waiting for the Hythe ferry before finally getting home by about 7.30pm to have a welcome cup of coffee, put the heating on and defrost.  To see photos from the tour of Sapphy, click here.

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© Patricia Dempsey 25th February 2013
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