Saga Pearl II Maiden Voyage & Adonia (II)
The 22nd November 2013 was time for Saga Pearl II's new maiden voyage.  Her last had been in March 2010 before becoming Quest For Adventure in May 2012 and intended to replace Spirit of Adventure in the long term.  Unfortunately, Saga had not been able to find a suitable replacement for Ruby so Pearl was needed as the Saga brand was a two ship operation.  Despite being dry, it was as bitterly cold in that wind as it had been when she arrived the day before.  I had two jumpers and a T-shirt underneath my coat and was still freezing cold.  She and Adonia were listed to sail at 4pm and, unsually, the P&O was the right way round - thud!  Pearl was brought forward fifteen minutes but that and 4pm came and went before she finally threw her lines and off she went, followed by Adonia.
To see photos of Saga Pearl II arriving as Quest For Adventure the day before, click here or pictures of her sailing from Southampton in 2012 after becoming Quest For Adventure, go here.

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© Patricia Dempsey 22nd November 2013
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