Saga Ruby Repair Sea Trials
On the 16th February 2013, Saga Ruby was ready for her sea trails after being alongside since her crankshaft problem was discovered on the 7th January.  She had been originally moved to berth 40, next to QEII Terminal then was returned to City on the 23rd January.  Saga had allowed a long repair window, scheduling a shortened world cruise to begin on the 20th February.  She was listed to sail on her sea trails at 9am on the 16th, returning twenty-four hours later.  They planned to even drop anchor at Nab anchorage.  So we went down and thankfully there wasn't the fog forecast until 11am, just haze.  9am came and went, the tugs Phenix and Wyeforce already attached.  A problem was discovered, delaying her but then it was fixed and she began moving away almost twenty-five minutes late.  After she'd been turned, she just stopped off Mayflower Park.  Another fault developed so they tried to find it, deciding if they couldn't they would either continue on one engine or go back alongside.  They eventually found the problem was caused by an air valve so parts were looked for as they tried to repair it.  After an engine test at 10.52am, it was decided to return to the berth.
So it was time to return home after stopping for some food en route since I'd had no breakfast.  That's not usually a problem when I'm not out long.  And then it was a waiting game until mid-afternoon when she was confirmed to try again at 5pm.  The tugs Phenix and Wyestorm assisted.  As we waited a pied wagtail appeared on the rocks for a minute or so before disappearing again.  Shortly after 5pm her ropes went and she was off!  Three blasts on her whistle was a vast improvement to the morning.  Wyestorm let her go but remained alongside as it headed back towards Ocean Village while Phenix kept hold her the stern until returning to Fawley.  A couple walking their dog were very pleased to see her on the move, telling us they'd spoken to a lady in Waitrose before Christmas who'd been very excited about her upcoming world cruise.  Worryingly, Rubes was making an awful noise as she sailed towards the Solent, it being so loud we could still hear it as she reached Fawley.  It wasn't the usual engine you hear when they sail so whatever it is I hope they sort it out.  She has a cruise to go on!

Then back home for the second time that day then wait to see if she returned for 12.15pm the following day.

The 17th was another lovely but cold day, the wind coming off the water making if feel colder.  Rubes had got up to 16 knots before I went to bed but was dawdling around 13 when I woke up before 6am, having slowed through the night.  I was really hoping all was well.  We went to Shore Road, a lovely spot ruined by too many bloody cars coming through.  As we waited for her, the car carrier, Capricornus Leader, headed off towards San Diego, passing the former Lady K II yacht, which had been there since the 18th September, her name now removed.  Finally, twenty minutes after thant, around 11.25am, she appeared around Calshot.  The tugs Apex and Wyestorm, were waiting for her while her engine was so loud you could hear it over the wind.

A lovely stroll home to warm up.  To see photos of Rubes departing on her shortened world cruise on the 20th February, click here.

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© Patricia Dempsey 16th & 17th February 2013
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20th February 2013