Saga Ruby Final World Cruise Departure
After being stuck in Southampton being repaired since the 7th January 2013, Saga Ruby was ready to sail on her shortened world cruise on the 20th February, having undergone sea trails overnight four days previously.  She was listed to sail at 9pm, which was unusual since Saga Rose left the fleet in 2009.  Those two would always be after 9pm but then Rubes was 7pm.  Despite my back giving me some pain after going for her sea trials, I decided to suffer and go and watch her sail.  I'd been there for her first under Saga in January 2006 (with Rosie) so had to be there for her last.  We got a taxi down and waited.  There was just one other person down the marina (our side at least) who was videoing.  The weather was bitter when the wind came up, reminsicent of January 2009 when I'd got mild hypothermia and frostbite after watching her and her sister.  My right big toe is still numb to this day, despite my feet being wrapped up then, but it was worth it as this would be!  The fireworks began at 9pm and Rubes eased away from the berth as they were going off.  Once they'd finished she gave three blasts as she went forward, the tugs tooting her after they'd let go.  The awful racket she made over the weekend had gone and her engines sounded normal again - yay!!!!!
And so she was gone at last.  We called a taxi then went home to defrost.  Rubes would be returning in April but to Portsmouth, back in Southampton in October for her final cruises as a Saga ship.  To see photos of her setting off on her repair sea trials on the 16th February, click here.

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© Patricia Dempsey 20th February 2013
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