Royal Princess (III)
After being named by the Duchess of Cambridge on the 13th June 2013, Royal Princess had some fireworks later that night.  Originally scheduled for 10.15pm on the 12, they were postponed 24 hours due to bad weather.  In the end, it started about ten minutes late because of a container ship arriving.  Because she wasn't sailing anywhere until the 14th, I didn't bother going down just for eight minutes of whizz-bangs.  The following are a selection as soon from my kitchen.
On the 14th June 2013, it was time for the second taster cruise.  She was due to sail at 5pm but left almost half an hour late.  I didn't bother going down because I wanted to see her from the house for a size perspective.  At least it was a lovely day for it.  They would also be going to Guernsey and when she returned on the 16th, it would be my turn to board for the maiden voyage.
To see photos of Royal Princess arriving on the 7th June, click here.

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