Arcadia (IV), Queen Elizabeth (II), Royal Princess (III) Maiden Voyage & Explorer
So here was the big day on the 16th June 2013 when Royal Princess set sail on her maiden voyage and would say goodbye to Southampton until May 2014 when she was scheduled to pass through en route to Copenhagen.  She had Fincantieri and Carnival Corp fleet mates in with her in the form of Betty and Arcadia.  The only one not Carnival was the cutie Explorer, which arrived that morning and was staying overnight.  Betty and Arcadia were due to sail at 4.30pm with Royal half an hour later.  Would they let the new girl have the honours?  Would have to see later.  For the moment, I was going on so took some photos as I crossed the water.
As I was onboard, it was left to my dad to take the photos.  And the Vista cousins weren't going to be polite to the new girl.  Arcadia moved off first before Betty went astern to turn.  Arcadia and Royal greeted each other, though there was no Love Boat horn until the Princess left fifteen minutes late.
The other two had got quite ahead of us but were in view as they went around the Solent and Spithead.  I lost sight of Betty somewhere after the forts while Arcadia was still around, though it was getting colder so I went back inside.
To see photos of Royal Princess arriving on the 7th June, click here and the review of the cruise can be found here.

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