Oceana (II) & Queen Victoria
Unscheduled stalking on the 30th June 2013 so I could catch up with my friends, Howard and Patty Paulman, over from New Jersey.  They told me how the ships arrived in the fog.  Howard had missed Oceana and had no idea where she was but Vicky's bow suddenly emerged before it came down again after docking.  That was quite a contrast to the sunny but breezy afternoon we were having.  As we waited, we met a Scottish lady whose father helped build the QE2 and said to her, "Don't go on that rustbucket!"  She did and enjoyed it.  Both ships were due to sail at 4.30pm and as soon as Vicky did muster at 4pm, we knew she wouldn't be on time.  Sunday public transport is crap.  We have two buses from Hythe a minute apart and the ferry ends just after 6pm so we all had to be gone by 5.15pm at the latest.  Thankfully they cooperated, with Oceana silently moving off just after time and saying hello to Vicky, who started moving shortly after she passed but was silent.

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© Patricia Dempsey 30th June 2013
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