Oceana (II), Queen Mary 2 & Oriana (II)
Three ships on the 10th May and I wouldn't have bothered if Mary wasn't back in her rightful home.  I'd missed her returning from the world cruise on the 26th April as I was on Aurora but did see her on the 5th May in the Atlantic as I sailed to New York on the brand new Norwegian Breakaway.  Oceana had been the early bird, arriving first with Oriana last.  It turned out they'd be going out in that order too!  Oceana was 3.30pm, Mary originally 5pm but brought forward thirty minutes and Oriana 4.30pm but she was starboard in Mayflower.  Oceana was late, going at almost 3.55pm with Surrey on her stern, while before she even reached Mary, the Cunarder was doing muster at 4.10pm so she definitely wouldn't be off soon!  Meanwhile, Oriana was changed to 6pm so we wouldn't wait with her having to turn.  A few feeble blasts between Oceana and Mary as Oceana had almost past.  Mary gave a solitary blast as she pulled away around 4.55pm, making the feeder, Vega Stockholm, hang back until she'd moved her fat bum.
So we went home out of the wind and Oriana had been changed yet again, now due to sail at 7.30pm due to continued bunkering.  With the aid of Surrey, she moved away from the berth just before 8pm, turned and headed out.
To see photos of Mary in the North Atlantic, click here.

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