Crown Princess (II), Independence of the Seas, Queen Mary 2 & Ventura
It was time for another cruise on Mary with my friend, Rob Ellerington Parr, on the 13th July 2013.  She was docked the wrong way round in my favourite terminal.  Once Rob arrived from Cambridgeshire, he left his car at my house and we headed over on the ferry.  Ventura, Crown Princess and Indy were also in.
My dad was down the marina snapping our departure in temperatures rising as high as 32c (though the 'official' hottest was about 28c in Bournemouth!).  Crown, Indy and Mary all moved virtually at the same time twenty minutes late while Ventura was apparently doing muster as we left.  I've added the photos from my perspective too as Indy looked much closer in the port area than she actually was.  Red Eagle tucked in behind Indy and stayed there all the way to Cowes, ending up arriving half an hour late.  Autostar pushed in between the ferry and Crown.  Indy headed off to the Med after dropping the pilot while Crown overtook us during dinner, appearing to float on a sea of milk, as she sailed towards Oslo.  She was in our shipping late when we saw her lit up ahead after dinner.
The review of the cruise can be found here.

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© Patricia Dempsey & Kevin Dempsey 13th July 2013
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