Royal Princess (III), Marina & Oceana (II)
Early start on the 11th June 2013.  Royal Princess was returning from the first booze cruise and would be in port until the next one on the 14th.  Her naming ceremony would be the 13th.  Oceana would be back again but we were down for the new girl to Southampton - Marina!  I had seen this pretty Oceania ship back in Norway in 2011, a few months after her maiden voyage, so was delighted she would now be on home soil.  Now if only I could afford to sail Oceania or even get a visit I'd be in heaven!  Oceania's ships have been rare callers to Southampton over the years.  Regatta was the last in August 2010 due to a change of itinerary, and was the last ship my mum saw before she became bedridden a few months before her death.  Marina heralded the start of several calls during 2013 and 2014 from the company's ships.  Royal Princess was leading the way, the weather just like the day she arrived on the 7th - wet and windy!  Wind was a different direction this time though.  Marina was behind, appearing as Royal was docking and being photobombed by Red Eagle, while Oceana made up the trio.  All three ships today were built in Fincantieri.
We didn't stay to see Oceana turn and dock.  Instead we went for the bus and it briefly stopped raining long enough to get home.  To see photos of Marina in Ålesund and Geiranger in June 2011, go to the Other Stalking index and Royal Princess arrving, click here here.

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© Patricia Dempsey 11th June 2013
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