Crown Princess (II), Indepencence of the Seas, Queen Elizabeth (II) & Marina
Four ships on the 10th August 2013.  Crown Princess was in Mayflower, Indy in the usual City, Betty in Ocean and the baby of the group, Marina, about to be dwarfed in QEII.  She'd arrived first at 4am, which is worse than Indy's stupid 5.15am time.  Crown as usual was 4pm sailing, Betty and Indy 4.30pm with Marina at 5pm.  We decided to go down the Prom instead of marina because I had a sinus headache and hoped it would be quieter.  It was - when every set of screaming child left!  Crown left just a little late, which was unusual.  Indy moved once she'd passed, while Marina was singled up waiting.  Ocean Scene, with the Thames Ship Society group aboard, went by en route to the container terminal.  A horn battle ensued with Betty and Indy followed by Marina and Indy, with the Royal Caribbean won.  As soon Indy was out of the way, Marina slipped out and followed.  Then it was Betty's turn, only her delay until 5.15pm became 5.30pm as the car carrier, Leo Spirit, buggered off from the naughty corner first.  Ocean Scene reappeared and lingered around Betty's bum before returning to Ocean Village.
We went for the bus onto to find we'd missed it by five minutes, so headed around to the pier to call for one.  As we were waiting, we chatted to Christian Reay, Dan Gosling and Ciaran Culligan from Facebook, who'd been down the marina.  They said it was quite busy.  The bus turned up fifteen minutes late but the taxi came shortly afterwards so we said goodbye and left.

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© Patricia Dempsey 10th August 2013
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