Adventure of the Seas, Azura, Ventura, Oceana (II) & Hanseatic (IV)
An even earlier start than usual to walk down (well hobble in my case with my back and knee!) for the arrival of Adventure, which would be docking for the ridiculously stupid time of 5.15am as usual with RCCL ships.  As I'd missed her sailing a week prior with Jordan Bailey onboard due to weather, I told him I'd got for the arrival.  She had passed Hythe at 4.50am on the 24th so we timed it to be there in plenty of time only she was ten minutes earlier than that today!  We just made it down the front in time.  It was pretty cold with a bitter wind by the time she docked and the mist appeared.  Azura was next, docking at 6.45pm in Mayflower, followed by Ventura for the same time in Ocean and Oceana at 7am in QEII, but Oceana was also early.  The wind slowly pushed the clouds away - too slowly!  We got some sun on us as we were leaving.
Then it was over to meet Jordan Bailey in Mayflower Park, who had got off Adventure at 7am with his nan.  Hotspur was running - yay!!!  Because it had been so cold, I was in two minds whether to go inside or not.  The sun had buggered off again but it wasn't too bad out on the bow and she chugged across to Town Quay.  All around the city were banners welcoming the new Royal Princess on the 7th June.  Between Mayflower Park and Adventure was the Steam Tug, Challenge.  Having been jet setting for cruises, I had absolutely no idea this little cutie was in the port.  She arrived on the 4th May from Shoreham, where she had spent eight years being restored.  Built in 1931, she was one of the Little Ships which sailed to Dunkirk during World War 2 and currently one of three surviving vessels currently in the possession of the Dunkirk Little Ships Restoration Trust.  The Trust opened a workshop at berth 50 in Southampton.


© Patricia Dempsey 31st May 2013
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