Celebrity Eclipse, Queen Elizabeth (II), Aurora & Azura
A change of plan leading to unexpected stalking on the 31st August, when German Facebook friend, Christina Heinrich, phoned to say she was in Southampton and coming over to Hythe.  I had known Christina since she first emailed me in 2008 after finding my photos of Maxim Gorkiy on this site.  Later we found each other on Facebook and now were finally meeting.  I bought a pier ticket and went to meet her and her friend Yury, who was from St Petersburg and had worked on Maxim Gorkiy.  As we were walking down the pier, we heard Eclipse's horn just under ten minutes early then near the marina, Betty blasted off!  A quick wave to Christian Reay and Dan Gosling then down the front for photos.  Aurora was next, having two horn battles with Azura, who then followed her out.  Then we all went to the village centre where I said goodbye to Christina and Yury.

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© Patricia Dempsey 31st August 2013
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