Explorer, Independence of the Seas, Aurora and Seabourn Sojourn
Four ships on the 24th August 2013.  Explorer had arrived two days earlier at the end of the summer Semester At Sea voyage and was about to embark on her autumn one.  Indy and Aurora were joined by Seabourn Sojourn.  The former two were listed to sail at 4.30pm, Explorer was 5pm and for some reason, Sojourn an hour after that when the original itinerary had her the same as Explorer.  Dan Gosling was already there when we arrived while Jordan Bailey would be on the 4.30pm Cowes-Southampton ferry getting photos.  Explorer quite loudly did the eight bells for muster, so I assume she was afraid of QM2 two days earlier, hence her feeble toot in response.  Indy went bang on time, which was rare since she liked going early.  The tug, Wyestorm, came out for Explorer and waited to attach.  Once Indy passed, the tug prepared for Explorer's departure while Aurora shifted her bum up the end.  Explorer gave three toots as she moved astern while some people were amusing me expecting friends on Aurora to see them all the way from the Upper Swinging Ground!  Meanwhile a family we being educated by their teenage son who said the Red Jet was a car ferry as was the blue car carrier.  Explorer was also, "a big boat" while Aurora, "that other big boat".  Good job he missed Indy then!  Explorer gave three long, loud blasts as she was almost turned - she has a voice!  I overheard an American man say to someone he was very happy to get Indy passing Explorer as his daughter is on the baby ship.  He and his wife then headed to Calshot.  Aurora and Carnival mate, Sojourn snubbed each other while those people were still hoping to be seen.  Once the car carrier, Canadian Highway, left with her stuttering horn, the Seabourn slipped her lines ten minutes early and was quietly off.
Thanks to Sojourn being early, we were able to make our respective buses without rushing.  To see photos of Explorer arriving in Southampton, click here.

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© Patricia Dempsey 24th August 2013
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