Celebrity Eclipse, Queen Mary 2 & Queen Victoria
Deja vu on the 3rd August 2013, when Eclipse, Mary and Vicky were reunited two weeks after their last meeting.  Back then, I'd been on Mary arriving while this time I was waving people off on her.  My American Facebook friend, Michelle Pellay-Walker and husband Paul, were in the UK and were doing the five night to Guernsey (maybe!) and Zeebrugge.  We had discovered many months before we had all been on the same QE2 cruise to Norway in June 2008, though only knew each other via the internet since, brought together by Rob Ellerington Parr's QM2 page.  Before they went to the terminal, I met them off the train and we went and sat in Costa Coffee but didn't order anything, much to the staff's obvious annoyance.  After seeing them go in their taxi, I went to wait for the bus home.  That afternoon, I went to the marina with my dad to wave them off and wore the faberooni jacket I'd bought on Mary, which is reversible so can be worn in summer or winter and the winter but is waterproof).  As the wind could be a bit cold, it was lovely.  That and the Gilet are the best things I've bought on a cruise and if the weather hadn't been crap in Norway, I wouldn't have.  It was pretty packed with tourists and idiots, including one who arrived around ten past four and said to someone, "They should be sailing now.  They leave at four.".  Is he usually in an alternate Southampton universe????  Tourists you can forgive for not knowing much about the area or ships but locals have no excuse to be hilariously thick.  Eclipse surprised us by blasting a few minutes before half four.  A woman, who I presume is not from these here parts, said when the ship was closer, "Eclipse.  Never heard of that one."  Someone educate her quick since those she was with didn't have a clue either!  Vicky moved off up the other end after Svitzer Surrey attached before Mary gave four blasts and began to come astern, then giving the signal she was doing just that as her fat arse was already blocking traffic.  Think they had a fair idea by then they could end up splatted if they got in her way.  Meanwhile a local behind us was telling his mate that not only was Netley Castle in Woolston and Shieldhall was a tug attached to Mary's bum but also Southampton is the only port in the whole country the cruise ships come to.  Ooooooooooooookaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay.  He was surprisingly silent when the swans appeared and his mate asked about them, saying he'd never seen them on sea before.  So me and my dad started conversing with each other about their lack of babies this year and how they haven't had much luck over the past few either.  We were glad he buggered off to show his mate the marina lock because we couldn't stifle the laughs much longer.  Once Vicky passed, we headed off and managed to catch the bus which was at the stop.
To see photos of these three on the 20th July 2013, click here.

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