Independence of the Seas, MSC Opera, Queen Victoria, Ventura & Crystal Symphony
Five ships in on a cloudy and windy 15th June 2013.  Opera was back in 104, which she'd been often this season so far and was due to sail at the usual 4pm.  Ventura was in Ocean, Vicky in Mayflower and Indy in City, all scheduled for half an hour later, although Vicky, like Opera, would need to turn.  Meanwhile the late girly was Crystal Symphony in QEII for 6pm.  The last time she had been in that terminal was the 3rd September 2005.  Fay came over from the Isle of Wight while Anthony Marshall and Christian Reay were at Hythe marina.  As Fay was busy photographing stuff on the pier, I popped to the Promenade to grab a quick photo of Ventura and Symphony while my dad went into a shop then we went to meet her.  After some chips we joined the lads down on the waterfront.  Crowds built up quite fast, some ship nuts, most waving people off.  I knew Neil Crossley and Danielle Fear were both onboard Ventura but that was all.  Vicky was mistaken for Mary by people even with binoculars, which we thought was funny.  Due to the container ship OOCL Kaoishiung arriving, Indy slipped out over ten minutes early while Opera had to wait until that passed before going half an hour late and passing Vicky to turn.  Indy was a bit horn mad, as was Opera and Vicky as Opera came out with tugs.  For some reason Ventura was delayed and Vicky left an hour late, also helped by tugs.  Once she'd passed, having been ignored by the P&O, Ventura moved out still silent so was seventy minutes late.  Symphony had her tugs but waited for the Höegh Trove to sail before giving three blast as that blocked our view of her then went astern to turn with tugs.  As she was being turned, the Red Funnel photobombers, Red Eagle was heading towards Royal Pier while Red Jet 4 was going to Cowes and they decided to go right in front.  Suppose we should be glad they did it together instead of one after the other.  Apologies for off centre photos due to the strong wind.

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© Patricia Dempsey 16th June 2013
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