Caribbean Princess, Azamara Quest, Oceana (II), Queen Victoria & AIDAstella
Crack of yawn start on the 16th August 2013 as it was the only way to get four ships passing Caribbean Princess, which was in QEII Terminal, due to dock at 4.45am.  Unusually, because of Azamara Quest making her second call of the year and listed in City at 5.15am, we left a lot earlier than normal.  I hadn't managed to get any sleep at all, which was annoying, so hoped it wouldn't affect me while out, although threatened rain would soon wake me up.  For the first time we actually got a Princess arriving at stupid o'clock - yay!  Both she and Quest were later than billed, the Princess by fifteen minutes as it took a while to dock her and Quest by around half an hour.  Vicky and Oceana were 6.45am and 7am respectively, bringing the rain with them, while AIDAstella made up the numbers, docking in 104 for 7.45am. As the rain became heavier, we decided to go once Stella passed Vicky.

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© Patricia Dempsey 16th August 2013
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