Norwegian Breakaway, Crown Princess (II) & Mein Schiff 1 (I)
There were three ships on the 30th April 2013.  Norwegian Breakaway had arrived the day before, Crown Princess arrived in place of Grand for summer cruising while Mein Schiff 1 popped back again.  I was going on Breakaway so my dad was on camera duty again.  But first I had a pre-cruise duty - photos from the ferry and Mayflower Park!
So my dad went to the marina for the sailings.  Crown was due at 4pm with us at 5pm and Mein Schiff at 8pm.  As usual, the best laid plans of ship nuts and ships....  Crown was late for some reason, leaving just befor 5pm while Breakaway had thrown the last of her ropes by 5.15pm, deafened Southampton and was off.  As Breakaway neared Mein Schiff, the German ship instigated a horn battle which Breakaway won hands down, deafening all of them too!
To see photos of Norwegian Breakaway arriving in Southampton, click here while the review of my cruise can be found here.

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