Boudicca, Saga Sapphire & Azura
The 18th October saw the return of an old friend in the form of Boudicca, who hadn't been in Southampton since April 2012.  She was arriving from Belfast and due at 5pm.  Meanwhile Azura was the usual 4.30pm while Sapphy had been put back an hour to 5pm, probably due to Bouddy.  It was windy and cold but thankfully not wet.  Bouddy was a little later than scheduled, assisted by Lomax, which I'd last seen in Cobh a month before.  Azura did muster as Bouddy was passing the pier and as soon as it was safe at Western Docks, Sapphy moved off.  Once she'd passed the pier, we told a few people about Azura's new time and they left like we did.
Azura finally set sail at 8.45pm once her issues were fixed and left with the help of tug Bentley while Boudicca was refuelled and off just after 11pm - and then back alongside with a request for a tug.  Fred Olsen don't use Svitzer to the agent had to call Solent Towage.  While Phenix was alongside 49, the rest were at Fawley so they had to sub-contract and Svitzer Bentley went to help, making her half an hour late and the rain had started, making visibility a little bad.  Meanwhile, Bouddy hadn't been the only vessel in trouble.  The main Hythe ferry, Great Expectations, had a problem and was stuck at Town Quay from 10pm.  As Bouddy was on her way out, the Itchen Marine tug, Wyetow was on the way up, securing it then taking five passengers to Hythe pier, which they had finished at 12.20am.

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© Patricia Dempsey 18th October 2013
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