Aurora and Mein Schiff 1 (I)
The 24th April 2013 saw the return of Aurora after her world cruise.  She was earlier than the scheduled time and got in for 5.45am.  Also Mein Schiff was returning for the first time since 2010, now with the 1 added so as not to confuse her with the other one.  She would be arriving at 6.30am.  I had planned to go for the arrivals but as I was going on Aurora that day and the injury I did to my knee at the beginning of March hadn't healed, I skipped it.  So my dad was down for the sailing of Aurora, which was meant to be 4.30pm but instead sailed after 5pm.  Mein Schiff 1 wasn't due to go until 8pm.
The review of my Aurora cruise can be found here.

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