Vision of the Seas & Grand Princess
I was on Vision of the Seas, sailing into Southampton on the 21st September 2012, while Grand Princess was behind us.  She was due 6am with us half an hour later.  Thanks to the bloody boat show, we had to go up to turn, meaning I was unable to get many decent photos of Grand as we were moving too much.
I disembarked around 7.35am so I could catch the 8am ferry home.  It was a shame the bloody boat show closed access via Dock Gate 8, meaning I had to get a taxi instead of walk, and there was no chance of photos from Mayflower Park unless you bought a ticket.
Back down in the afternoon and a little trip to Town Quay for this one.  Grand was due to depart at 4pm with Vision a frustrating ninety minutes later.  I would be meeting Daniel Gosling (aka SatNavDan from YouTube) as well as Jordan Bailey (RCI Fans on Twitter and YouTube).  Jordan had come all the way from Driffield in East Yorkshire just to see Vision.
Well Grand was late and started singling up around 5.10pm, despite doing muster at 3.30pm.  Meanwhile, Vision had done hers at 5pm, sounding eigth bells on her horn TWICE!  We only got it once in Copenhagen.  Grand gave one blast as she moved into the Channel and sailed away.
Then it was time for the star of the day, since, despite it being her last season in Southampton, Grand's been around since 2007.  I found Jordan and we all waited together.  And waited and waited and waited.  Dan spotted Grand passing Calshot.  Steve was down the end awaiting Waverley's return so I went to ask him but he hadn't heard anything from the ship on his scanner.  As Waverley arrived, Vision threw the last of her ropes around 6.20pm.  It would have been nice being down the end but, despite the new improved No Fishing signs, they were still being ignored.  Vision gave three blasts as she rounded the bloody boat show works.  By now it had become quite cold and it started to rain, but thankfully not a lot.
We caight the 7pm ferry back and it was packed full of boat show knob heads barging in front of you and who think they own the place.  Thankfully I had a distraction when Vision came into view, slightly obscured at first by the tankers at the refinery but then looking as gorgeous as ever sailing past Calshot.  My new camera did well!
Thankfully it won't be the last we see of Vision as she'll return in September 2013 before going for refit when she will undergo their 'Revitalization Program', which is trying to make older ships like Oasis, thus taking up that fabulous interior space lacking on Voyager class upwards.  The review of my Vision cruise can be found here

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© Patricia Dempsey 21st September 2012
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