Saga Pearl II & Saga Ruby
The current Saga sisters were in Southampton together for the first time on the 6th January 2011.  It was musucal berths.  Originally, Ruby was in Mayflower Terminal while Pearl was in City before the swapped them around.  Then Rubes was Ocean and Pearl in City.  Rubes was going on her worldie at 7pm anyway while Pearl would be heading off two hours earlier to the Caribbean.  It wasn't the same as when Saga Rose was in with Saga Ruby but nice to see two anyway.  These were the last few months of Pearl's cruises before she becomes Quest For Adventure in May.  With Pearl so dark, it's really difficult to tell when she moves but bang on 5pm, the six lights at City Terminal became seven then eight so we knew.  As she neared Rubes, she gave three blasts but if Rubes replied, we couldn't hear due to her facing the wrong way.  At least it wasn't raining or blowing a gale, even though the wind had a cold edge.

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© Patricia Dempsey 6th January 2012
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