Queen Mary 2, Queen Victoria & Queen Elizabeth (II)
An early start on the 5th June 2012, thanks to Cunard being stupid by having their ships arrive when most people were asleep and as it's getting light.  We had a boat trip booked with Blue Funnel, so Rob Ellerington Parr and I headed across to Ocean Village in the middle of the night and already there was a huge queue.  The press boat was next to ours, containing John Honeywell (Captain Greybeard of the Daily Mirror), Andrew Cooke and Carnival UK amongst others.  We set off first, but they got the better views!  Originally, Mary was sandwiched between the Vistas but she decided to take inspiration from her diva predecessor, Lizzie, and spoil the party so jumped ahead of Vicky to pick up the pilot, while Betty was still south of the Isle of Wight.  Since Betty was still miles away once the other two passed, the bacon rolls were served.  We just had a drink, which knocked £2 off the ticket.  But Betty was determined to let everyone know she's arrived, blasting at all and sundry right up until after Mary had passed, Dancing Queen blaring from her speakers.  Vicky then backed up to Mayflower Terminal, Betty shuffled back a teeny bit and Mary went head first into Ocean.  As we returned to the Village, I got chatting to someone who recognised me from this site - hello!  While Rob was recognised by Rosie Claxton from Facebook, who then remembered me too.  On the way back, we popped to Town Quay for a couple of pics then came home.
My dad was booked on Wight Scene, one of several Blue Funnel boats, for the departure.  It was a shame it was raining as one by one, they all left Ocean Village to get close to to action.  Mary had already moved out of the dock when the boat got into Southampton Water.  The rain had eased a little but showed no sign of stopping.  The following are the best of his photos.
And so it was back to Ocean Village where my dad waited for his pre-booked taxi to take him home to dry off and warm up after a long night.  To see photos of the departures from onboard QM2 and read my cruise review, click here.

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