Oriana (II), Queen Mary 2 & Balmoral
On the 16th November 2012, I was going on QM2 with my friend Fay and we had company in the port in the shape of Oriana and Balmoral.  Despite Balmoral and Mary both coming out of the Bay of Biscay around noon, Oriana beat the pair of them back.  Mary was second with Balmoral coming for 7am.  Quite a turnaround considering Balmoral had been leading so long!  There was thick fog and a chill in the air as I went across.  Something successfully managed to hide Mary!  As I went over on the ferry, her fat bum loomed into view before anything else.
The fog slowly began to lift as the day progressed before becoming a pea-souper again.  It was extremely disappointing, especially with the other ships to photograph as we all sailed.  Thankfully, by 3.30pm, one hour until departure time, it had gone - yay!!!!  We hoped it wasn't lulling us into a false sense of security.
Unusually, Balmoral headed towards the Upper Swinging Ground rather than turn on the spot, meaning we and Oriana could slip out while she lagged behind.  Once we'd gone around the Brambles, we slowed meaning Oriana and Balmoral could gain on us.  Oriana went into the normal channel while we loitered near the Isle of Wight.  We could even see her from our window but I didn't bother going out again.  A while later, Balmoral overtook on our starboard side.
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© Patricia Dempsey 16th November 2012
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