Independence of the Seas & Saga Pearl II
The 22nd April 2012 was the penultimate arrival of Saga Pearl II under that name.  When she returns on the 6th May, she would become Quest For Adventure for Saga's Spirit of Adventure arm, replacing their original ship and fulfilling the role intended in 2009 before they hit snags buying her.  Independence of the Seas was also in, arriving at the crack of yawn as usual.
I couldn't wait up for Pearly and had intended to go for her sailing but the weather was just horrendous.  Indy was due her usual 4.30pm and she went ten minutes early during a lull in the downpours.
Pearly left about 5.20pm with the assistance of tug Wyestorm and down came the rain!  She was titchy compared to that big lump which preceeded her an hour earlier.
Pearly was due to meet her fleet mates, Ruby and Sapphire in Lisbon on the 4rd May then while Rubes continues with her cruise southwards, Pearly and Sapphire head northwards, arriving in Southampton three days later.  Unfortunately, Sapphy may not be joining the party as her maiden cruise was aborted and second cancelled due to mechanics so I hope she's back in time for number three.  It would have been a spectacular day for Saga passengers, with each one allowed to visit the other ships.  I wish I could but am just eight years away from being 50 (the minimum age), even though Harry Cotterill has been told he can visit Sapphire after he tried to sell them his drawing and he's not even 18!  I can cruise this age as long as the lead passenger is over 50 and have visited Rubes with the late Steve Read, assisting him in a journalistic capacity.  When I enquired in 2011 about visiting Pearl to document her for my readers, they said they want people to visit who are likely to book cruises yet many people of the relevant age or near enough read this site AND one day I'll be looking to book a cruise with them so would like to see what they have to offer, since Steve Read raved about them, while Harry Cotterill will NOT be cruising with them for more than 30 years but is more welcome than the likes of me.  Something wrong there.

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