Oriana (II) & THV Galatea
It was the centenary of Titanic departure from Southampton on the 10th April 2012, but there were also two other vessels quietly sitting in port and being ignored totally.  Oriana had arrived back from her world cruise for 4.15am and docked in Mayflower.  Whether that was because of the events in Ocean Dock or she was going there anyway, I have no idea.  Meanwhile in 40, was the Trinity House ship, Galatea, a rare visitor to the port.
After meeting up with my cousin John and his other half Jilly, we managed to catch the 3.30pm ferry back and who came over the horizon as Galatea was sailing?  Shieldhall, fresh from her first sailing since regaining her MCA certificate this year and it was lovely to see her.  She was painted with a dark hull specifically for the Titanic events and will return to her usual colour afterwards.
To see photos of the re-enactment of Titanic departure involving Shieldhall, Tug Tender Calshot and others, click here.

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© Patricia Dempsey 10th April 2012
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