Independence of the Seas, MSC Opera, Oriana (II), Arcadia (IV) & Azura
I was on MSC Opera the 16th June 2012, so my dad went down to take the photos (excuse them being crooked).  Opera was due to sail the usual 4pm, Indy, Azura, Oriana and Arcadia their normal half an hour later.  Indy was brought forward to 4pm and moved off as Opera went down to turn and after Opera had passed Pier Head, the heavens opened after being dry all day while the wind whipped up so my dad tried to take shelter.  Oriana left about twenty-five minutes late but it was long enough for my dad to change camera.
Arcadia was changed to 6.30pm while Azura was half an hour later due to weather so my dad went home.  To read the review of my cruise, click here.

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© Kevin Dempsey 16th June & Patricia Dempsey 24th June 2012
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