Mein Schiff 2 (I), THV Patricia (III), MSC Opera, Oceana (II), Queen Victoria & Balmoral
Five ships on the 3rd August 2012, courtesy of an overnight from Mein Schiff 2 while little cutie, THV Patricia, was on 49.  Oceana was in Ocean, MSC Opera in City, Balmoral stuck in the fruit shed and QV the wrong way round AGAIN in Mayflower.  Opera was due to go at the usual 4pm, Mein Schiff 2 at 8pm and the rest 4.30pm but they moved Opera to that time too.  My friend John came down from London.  We haven't seen each other for a while so it was good to see him.  Opera went first, giving four blasts which we thought were from Vicky, then Oceana was assisted out by tuggy power.  We overheard a woman telling people she was with that Oceana was smaller than the last Adonia (the current Sea Princess).  Of course she is(!)  Vicky finally buggered off after losing her slot to Gran Canaria Car, and Balmoral slipped off to turn after she was clear.  If they didn't dock them starboard in Western Docks, they'd have been gone in half the time.  Sort it out, ABP!
Mein Schiff 2 sailed just after 8am, swinging off Dock Head, which must have been a great sight.  Her passengers heading to Hamburg after a busy ship stalking day from the comfort of their deck or balconies.
And then it was time to go home.  Mein Schiff 2 makes one more call in Southampton then in 2013 Mein Schiff 1 (known as simply Mein Schiff during her last visit in 2010) will return in her place.  For photos of the Mein Schiff 2 arriving the previous day, click here.

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© Patricia Dempsey 3rd August 2012
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