Grand Princess & Queen Victoria
The first of our Florida ladies returned on the 21st April 2012 when Grand Princess unusually unusually in Ocean Terminal by 3.30am.  Queen Victoria would also be in but running late, eventually berthing the wrong way round in Mayflower by 7.45am.  The weather since the hosepipe ban came in at the beginning of the month was mainly wet and windy, today being no exception, but we risked it for Grand since it's not every day she's in the naughty corner.
As we waited we overheard a woman I assume was local constantly say Vicky was Mary.  Yep, really easy to confuse the two!  She also said they all sail at 4pm now and it used to be 5pm.  Well SOME sail as 4pm, like Grand and MSC Opera, but the vast majority are 4.30pm.  The weather changed from cloudy/sunny to a heavy hailstorm and strong winds for about ten minutes before the sun started peeking out again.  Grand must have heard me wish she'd hurry up because she gave one blast about 4.10pm then moved out of Ocean Dock.
Vicky was 4.30pm and, since she had to turn, it would mean another hour down there with that unpredictable weather and my back killing me so we went home.  Turned out to be a good job because Vicky left after 5pm!

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© Patricia Dempsey 21st April 2012
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