Explorer & Celebrity Constellation
A long overdue returnee on the 7th September 2012 in the shape on Celebrity Constellation.  I expect many will think today was her first call but she previouslly graced these waters in April 2007 after an itinerary change - just like this!  Back then, she had been scheduled to do the Baltics from Dover as usual but it was changed so the transat ended in Southampton on the 25th April, squeezing in a five night cruise (which I sailed on) before heading to refit on the 30th.  She was also plain old Constellation, resuming the Baltics cruises with the Celebrity prefix which was added during the refit.  And why was she back?  The Greece and Turkey cruises were cancelled resulting in a two night repositioning from Amsterdam (which I was on), followed by wine cruises until she headed back to Florida at the end of November.  So at least I could enjoy her longer!  Would they get upset if I kept her forever?  Explorer was also in, having arrived on the 5th to begin a new term for Semester at Sea.  She had one more night before going.  So we went to see Connie sail, which would be 5pm rather than the 4.30pm of Eclipse.  The weather was fantastically hot as she departed, giving three blasts near the terminal.  I had a new camera so was trying it out.
To see pictures of Explorer's arrival, click here while Constellations's last visit are here.

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© Patricia Dempsey 7th September 2012
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