National Geographic Explorer, Celebrity Eclipse & Balmoral
My back was reasonable on the 12th May 2012, so I went down to wave Sheila Semple off on Eclipse.  Balmoral was down in Mayflower and both due to sail at the usual 4.30pm so I got the ferry across as my dad was waiting for Asda, coming over when he'd been.  It was a glorious day.  Spring had finally arrived to dry up the rain!  On the way over, the ramp started to beep.  It wasn't up properly so whoever was in the wheelhouse did it again.
By now I wish I'd stayed at home as my back was murder but too late.  Mayflower Park was packed and a couple of people thought Eclipse was new in here this year.  I had a tough job convincing one of them she's been here since April 2010.  Balmoral moved on time, silently heading to the Upper Swinging Ground.  I'd forgotten National Geographic Explorer was in 202 since we're not used to anything there other than car carriers or something, so she's partially in shots.  Eclipse started singling up eight minutes late then there was nothing for several minutes before the rest went.  She blasted three times as she pulled away, Balmoral didn't utter a peep.  As I later tried to get a two shot, Red Osprey got in the way, hanging back until Balmoral passed.  The Hythe ferry did likewise.
I wish someone would knock down the Royal Pier.  It's been a bloody eyesore since the last fire in 1992.  We caught the 5.30pm ferry back and I spied Eclipse rounding the Hook while Balmoral was near Fawley, sun glistening on both of them.

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© Patricia Dempsey 12th May 2012
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