Crystal Symphony
A rare caller on the 21st may 2012 when Crystal Symphony arrived for the ridiculous time of 6am.  She had last visited on the 3rd September 2009, which was a weather diversion after Dover was closed. Her previous scheduled call had been exactly four years earlier.  She was due to dock i Ocean Terminal for 6am so we headed down and she had already passed Fawley by the time we got there.  The wind was biting and straight off the water at us but we had some light relief as a duck waddled along the path before flying off.  Unfortunately it was too windy to get any decent photos so the only one I have is with the ship.  Red Jet 4 and Red Osprey were on the move towards the Island but slowed around her.
Home to warm up and had to walk since there were no taxis working and the first bus from town was more than an hour away.  Symphony was originally scheduled to sail at 9pm but it was brought forward two hours, her 850 passengers off to La Coruña and in better weather than when they arrived.

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© Patricia Dempsey 21st May 2012
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