Celebrity Constellation, Celebrity Eclipse, Aurora, Arcadia (IV) & Balmoral
A Southampton first on the 13th October 2012 when Celebrity Constellation met her fleet mate, Celebrity Eclipse.  I was going on Connie (having originally been booked on Aurora) and looked forward to this moment.  There would be five ships on this day which we led by Connie first and then Eclipse, since they were always ridiculously early.
We then walked to the marina for the remaining three - Aurora, Arcadia and Balmoral.  Aurora beat us there, so I was unable to get her passing Connie.  Arcadia would be going into Ocean Terminal while Balmoral would be in 104 - and the correct way round for once!
I headed over to the terminal, taking pictures along the way.  It was really great seeing the QEII Terminal in use again.
My dad was meant to be on a Blue Funnel boat along with Mark and Marie Kennedy (who were visiting Aurora when she was back two days later) but the trip was cancelled due to lack of bookings so instead they were all at the marina with Anthony Marshall, Gita and Steve waiting patiently.  Connie was due to sail at 5pm with the others half an hour before.  Aurora went first followed by Eclipse and Connie while Balmoral and Arcadia moved off practically together.
Connie headed down towards the Solent as a ship sandwich and I snapped some photos from the deck before the light faded.
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© Patricia Dempsey & Kevin Dempsey 13th October 2012
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