Braemar (III) & Queen Elizabeth (II)
A wet, windy and cold 19th December 2012 when we went down for Braemar and Betty.  Braemar had returned to Southampton after a four year absence on the 23rd November.  Originally doing a winter season, returning to Dover at the end of March 2013, her itineraries were changed to her sailing to the Canaries on the 6th January and doing fly cruises instead.  I had left getting her as I'd planned to the day she left but something came up for that day so this was my only chance.  It's a pity the weather was so foul.  She was down to sail 4.30pm.  Betty was originally due to go at 6pm but it was brought forward an hour, with her doing muster at 4.40pm.  Once the fuel bunker left Braemar, she wasted no time heading off to turn then silently headed out on her Christmas and New Year cruise.  Betty let go about ten minutes late and was also silent as she went.
So home to warm up and dry out because we were absolutely soaked through.  I hope Braemar won't take another four years to grace us with her pretty presence.

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© Patricia Dempsey 19th December 2012
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