Queen Mary 2 & Azura
A reunion of the 15th December 2012 when Azura and QM2 met again eleven days after sailing out together.  Mary was first, due for the earlier 5.15am instead of 6am with Azura following as she had eleven days before.  It was quite mild for mid-December but ships are always really pretty lit up so I went up after hearing from my dad we would be turning at Dock Head before going astern into QEII.  The wind was very strong and the rain heavy but thankfully both eased by the time we were turning.  I then returned to my cabin to get Azura passing us.  My camera battery at the wrong moment typically but also as she was getting ready to back into Ocean, one of our lifeboats was lowered, tootling off.
I caught the ferry back to Hythe, which gave me a chance to take photos of Mary back in her rightful home.  She isn't often in there these days, but I went straight from a cruise on Azura over to Mary on the 4th so hadn't been able to do it then.
Pictures of Azura and Mary eleven days earlier are here.  To read the review of my Azura cruise, click here and Mary here.

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© Patricia Dempsey 15th December 2012
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