Adonia (II), Arcadia (IV), Ventura, Oceana (II) & Seven Seas Voyager
Five ships were in on the 3rd June 2012, four of which belonged to P&O, so was a sort of prelude to the Grand Event excactly one month later.  I just hoped the weather would be better!  Adonia was in QEII, Ventura in Ocean, Arcadia unusually in City while Oceana was in Mayflower.  I had a visit to the fifth lady, Seven Seas Voyager, who was in the fruit shed and I wish Doug Morrison would shut his gob and focus on getting that rebuilt into a cruise terminal.  It gave me to opportunity to take some different photos.
Since the forecast rain was holding off, I decided to walk towards Mayflower Park.  David, from my group, came with me while Mark (who I'd known a couple of years) headed to Mayflower Park in his car to wait.  He would be giving me a lift home, which was nice of him.
En route to dropping me home, Mark wanted to pop into Hythe marina for some photos of all the ships.  He hadn't realised there was anything in QEII Terminal, thinking there were just four ships.  The rain thankfully was still holding off after a brief drizzle spell at lunchtime.
Mark managed to persuade me to go to Calshot with him.  Well it would make a change but I hoped it wouldn't rain!  Despite Adonia being 4pm with the other P&O's half an hour later, it all went wrong as usual!  Adonia was first then Arcadia, Ventura and Oceana.  Seven Seas Voyager wasn't going until 6pm.  There was a very enthusisatic kid down there who was excited about the ships but annoyed the Three Queens two days later would be arriving too early in the morning and sailing too late at night.  The first emerged, thankfully it was dry but the wind was horrendous!  Any typically, my camera batteries died just as Oceana and Ventura were creating a two shot - grrrr!!!!!
Seven Seas Voyager was a very cooperative young lady, leaving early then went up to turn before straightening and heading out towards the Solent.  There weren't many people left by now but at least it had stayed dry with occasionaly glimpses of round yellow thing.  Pity it was so cold!
The young lad's mum thanked me for looking after him.  Awwww.  Meanwhile Mark drove me home.  To see photos of my visit to Seven Seas Voyager, click here.

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© Patricia Dempsey 3rd June 2012
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