Independence of the Seas, Silver Cloud & Ventura
A returnee on a very wet and windy 25th June 2011 when Silver Cloud called for the first time since 2005.  The Silversea schedule had her for 7am but VTS was 6.15am with Ventura at 6am.  Indy was in by her usual 5.15am.  It was an absolutely horrible morning and as we reached the ferry yard, saw Silver Cloud coming up to the pier!  We stopped a bit further along then continued to the marina after she'd passed.  It was beginning to get misty, but whether that was due to rain, just mist or a combination of both, I have no idea.
Due to the rain getting slightly heavier and wind not easing up, we decided to go home rather than wait for Ventura to dock.  The weather improved sigificantly by the time of the sailings.  Ventura left first due to Indy's slight delay.  Silver Cloud (or little squirt, as my dad's nicknamed her and says she shrunk in the rain) left about 6.20pm after a passport issue, the passport in question being collected at Falmouth, their next port.  I only took pictures of the Silversea since she's a rare caller who has two more this year but none next.

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© Patricia Dempsey 25th June 2011
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