Oriana (II) & Rotterdam (VI)
Back to business on the 5th July 2011 as Oriana and Rotterdam were due.  Rotterdam hadn't visited since 1999 (thanks Melissa!) so it was a welcome return.  She was on a commemmorative transatlatic to mark 40 years since Holland America Line last did one before turning to cruising only, travelling in the propellers of her illustrious predecessor currently a static hotel in the Dutch city.  The original itinerary didn't include Southampton or Le Havre but Cobh (a port only added in the 1960s) and only a westbound leg.  But then a revised one was issued several months later featuring two legs, with Southampton the first port of call on the westbound before heading to New York.  Eastbound was now Cobh as the only stop.  The first two images below are from my friend Ben van Zeijl after he posted about it in September 2009 on our Yahoo group while the second two are from the revised itineraries three months later.
As you can see, it wasn't the only thing to change.  The trip was reduced from ten to nine nights and also she left at 9pm when she sailed on the 3rd July.  She was originally due for 8am but you know ships never keep to time and this one is no exception.  Now both were due for 7am and rain was forecast - grrr!  And so another crack of yawn start but down to Shore Road to try and recreate my dad's photo of the original Oriana with the current one.  Rotterdam was well ahead of Oriana the day before arrival, sauntering along the South of England coast at a snail's pace and had passed Dover by 4.30pm while the P&O was still passing Suffolk.
After going home for about forty-five minutes, I headed out for my visit to the Rotterdam, getting these photos en route.  I was glad it was a very nice day and not raining.
It poured as I left the ship after visiting and I was soaked by the time I met Juanita at the station before our cruise the following day.  Oriana left after 4.30pm so I couldn't get her from our new ferry since the 4pm had been cancelled when Red Jet 3 broke down at Town Quay.  Meanwhile Rotterdam sailed at 6.40pm, forty minutes late.  To see photos of the visit to Rotterdam, click here.

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© Patricia Dempsey 5th July 2011
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