Queen Victoria & Aurora
Two returnees on the 14th April 2011.  Aurora from her latest world cruise while  QV came back from her Caribbean/LA adventure.  Thankfully, the original starboard docking of Aurora was changed but Vicky stuck her stubby nose out of Ocean.  Both were due to sail at 4.30pm but as usual, things went awry!  My friend Brenda Harvey (who I'd met on Aurora in 2010) and her husband Neil were heading off for three weeks to the Caribbean aboard the Goddess.  With the weather changed to cold and miserable, they left at the right time!  We noticed Vicky playing Mary's game of 'Love Me Tender', so it looked like that would be raised as she moved like Mary does.  Also someone was in trouble with the harbour master - oops!
Well typically both were late.  Despite little men around Aurora's ropes a few times, it was Vicky which decided to sod off first as her last ropes were thrown just before 5pm.  She let out one long blast and that was it as she shuffled out, tender following and coming around to her port side.  Funnily enough, Mary's was always starboard.  We'd never seen them do this before with Vicky and, since she seemed to stop or slow to a near crawl, we wondered if it was new for her.  Mary always hoiked hers up as she swung then just carried on forward, regardless of which way she faced at any terminal.  Aurora decided to go on strike I think or just wanted to let me gaze upon her gorgeousness for longer.  As Vicky slowly moved forward from the dock, a bloke got out of a car behind and asked which ship it was ahead.  He realised it was a Cunard Vista but couldn't tell them apart!
Finally the Goddess moved her pretty tiered bum almost twenty minutes after Vicky shifted it, blasting as she went while Pirita, a small container vessel, passed her.  It was quite windy and many people left after the Cunarder passed.  How could they snub such beauty????
Shortly before we finished, an elderly lady asked me what the ship in the distance was.  That was two who didn't know it was Vicky!  I thought EVERYONE knows a Cunard ship!  Well that's what Cunard tell us all.  Hilarious!  Then we went home.  To see a video of these two sailing, click here.

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© Patricia Dempsey 14th April 2011
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