Queen Mary 2 & Queen Elizabeth (II)
Two more returnees on the 19th April 2011 when QM2 and Queen Elizabeth ended their world cruises, although American Cunard would have us believe Mary's isn't over.  Yes it is, unless you began in New York!  Today is a normal transatlantic for the rest of us!  Anyway, whoever keeps booking starboard berths for Mayflower is incredibly annoying.  It's so much time wasting.  Mary was originally starboard, which is fine because she was in Ocean.  Instead they changed it so instead of her lording it over us she stuck her fat bum in our direction!  Both we due to sail at the usual 4.30pm. The weather was typical for April - sun, wind, chill and haze!  I was down waving 16 year old Ben Montgomery off, who I'd got to know through my friend, the late journalist, Steve Read.  Well the contrary one decided to start throwing her ropes just before time then the rest ten minutes later, doing the Fat Bum Shuffle as she reversed, in fine voice (for once!) as she signalled going astern.
As Betty FINALLY decided to bugger off half an hour late and blasted, my camera batteries died - ARGH!!!  The haze made it difficult to get a decent photo, or even see her.  Made me glad to have not been at the marina for Three Queens in 2008!  After she emerged, she gave three blasts and another single one at Pier Head.  As she neared us, a bloke asked generally if that was Mary or Elizabeth!  As if anyone could confuse them!
So that was that, and not a 'Royal Rendezvous'.  But then they never are.  Well not until June 2012 anyway when they're calling that one to cash in on the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, which will be after six years of meetings since the term was first coined they weren't.  Home to warm up!  To see a video of these two sailing, click here.

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© Patricia Dempsey 19th April 2011
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